Blue chungii bamboo , Barbie bamboo 3 gallon pots forsale Grows very tall and extremely fast with a gorgeous bright blue color , this bamboo will bring glow to your home and you will have a smile on your face every time you see it .
Buddha belly wamin for sale 3g pots 7g pots 25g pots This bamboo grows a unique shape and grows to a height of 12-15 ft provides a huge beautiful full foliage and evergreen color .


Bamboo forsale Different species Blue bamboo Black bamboo Giant Asian lemon White ghost Buddha belly wamin Graceful Slender weaver Fishscale Bonnie/boniopsis bamboo Yellow stripe Xl gracefull bamboo Giant timber Asper Bamboo Oldhamii If you are interested in bamboo and looking to bring a new bit of glow to your home , then I have the bamboo for you. Individual pots or large orders . Contact me ...
Lucky bamboo homemade pots 3 canes per pot
Ghost bamboo 3g pots , has a beautiful white and green leaf color grows very tall and very fast , will provide you with shade and privacy and a new bright glow to your home .
Bird of paradise for sale 1g pots
Graceful bamboo / slender Weaver bamboo 3g pots $40 1g pot for $15
Small banana trees $10 a piece , larger ones $20
Oyster plants for sale $2 a piece
1g pots Buddha belly bamboo
Sea grape for sale 1.5 ft tall 3g pot
This is a tall lamp with a silver base. It works perfectly and fills out a room great! Please make an offer I am willing to negotiate.
This is a fun tall lamp with a silver stand and marble base. It works perfectly and lights the room well! Please make an offer, I m willing to negotiate
3 big candles & 2 packs of 2.
A set of 3 pie dishes to bake.
Square dish with a pretty painting.
Small Round Glass Bowl.
Get 70% Off Amazon promo code at https://bit.ly/2MJYHm2 GET IT I'MFor Garden, Windows, Cars, Boats & More Stainless Steel Ends & Hose Spray Nozzle Collapsible No Kink & Tangle Water Hose The ultimate 150 feet water garden hose. Double layer latex core and thick nylon exterior. Durable stainless steel hose holder. Collapsible hose no kink no tangle no twist. Corrosion resistant solid brass conne...
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Estimado es gratis 3052630447
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